Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Wedding Entertainment Ideas

When it comes to entertaining the guests at your wedding, there is a lot that you must consider. You will be bringing together friends and family, which often includes a broad selection of interests and ages. Below are a few fantastic ideas that are suitable for most ages and interests, and is sure to help take care of your wedding entertainment.

Photo Booth Hire – Photo booths are a lot of fun, and perfect for guests of all ages. Having your photo taken with fun props, or leaving a special video message, is something is will appeal to all guests, regardless of their interests. The photo strips will also help take care of your wedding favours, which is one less thing to worry about.

Hire a Magician – Who doesn’t love magic? There are a range of different options available for your wedding reception, and the type of magic performed to each of your guests can be tailored to their age. Youngsters can have everything from balloons art and slight of hand tricks, whilst the adults can enjoy some baffling card tricks.

Chocolate Fountain or Sweet Cart – In the UK, candy carts and chocolate fountains have become increasingly popular over the past few years. They provide a fun sweet treat for your guests to nibble on, and with a wide selection available, they can choose their favourites. This is definitely not just for the kids, as they are always a big hit with the adults as well.

Consider a Band – Live music is a fantastic way of creating atmosphere throughout your wedding reception. Bands are available in a wide array of different genres, and you can choose either a selection of your favourite songs, or let the band perform their originals. Bands can be combined with a DJ to provide a wide selection of music for your guests.

Thanks to our friends over at PhotosBooths for putting together the ideas. Click here for a full list of wedding entertainment ideas.

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